What to Expect from Your Storage Unit

Storage units can be found in every city and in most small towns. And while a lot of them are similar, you can still have a few expectations for your storage facility. For example, you shouldn’t have to worry about security. Plus, your rental agreement should be very flexible. And, finally, your unit needs to be easy to access. When you click here, you can see an example of a local storage unit in your area. 

Security Matters a Lot

Most storage units take security very seriously. After all, their renters would not appreciate a break-in. And since they have a lot of customers, there are a lot of possible targets for theft. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that with most storage facilities.

How can you make sure that the storage facility you chose doesn’t take security lightly? They should have at least a few of the following:

  • Gated entry
  • Individually locked units
  • Individually armed units
  • Video surveillance
  • On-site managers

If you think about it, your storage facility is probably a lot more secure than your home. That’s true even if you allow for the fact that they might show more potential for a would-be burglar. 

Flexibility Is Important to You

When it comes to using a storage unit, few people know exactly how long they need it for. If you’re using the storage unit to empty your home a little to get it ready to show, you probably won’t cancel the lease until your house has sold. If you’re in the process of moving and are looking for a new place to live, then you might also be unsure how long you’ll need storage.

The bottom line is that your storage facility needs to allow at least some flexibility. If there is a requirement for you to give notice, then it shouldn’t be more than a month. Obviously, the less notice you have to give, the better. But as a rule, most storage facilities rent month to month without requiring any long-term contracts.

Check for Easy Access

You may not care about this when you sign the lease agreement, but it will certainly matter to you when you’re ready to move your things. If your storage unit is not easy to access, then moving things in and out of it is going to be very annoying. Ideally, you should be able to drive up to your storage unit for convenient loading and unloading. You can click here to find an example of a storage facility that offers such easy access. Additionally, you don’t want to have to deal with any dark alleys or stairways, because one doesn’t make you feel secure and the other is horrible for moving purposes. 

Spruce Up Your Yard or Garden

Many people don’t give their lawns much thought at all. There are enough chores to do inside the house that mowing the lawn and raking up leaves in the fall are about the extent of their outdoor maintenance. However, many lawns have the potential to be attractive accents to the house that not only help your family enjoy their time outside, but also add value to your home. Additions to your yard can be practical—like adding a grill—or simply aesthetic, like adding Oakland landscaping stone features as decorative accents. Some of them can even be added without a lot of effort on your part.


Incorporate Natural Beauty


No matter how small your yard, you almost certainly have enough room to plant a few flowers or a small garden. Do your homework before planting anything, since some plants require much more maintenance than others. Shrubs can also be used instead of a fence to provide a natural boundary for your property. Mature trees provide shade for your family and yard. Adding plants to your yard isn’t just for looks, either. Vegetation around your house helps filter harmful particles out of the air and increases the oxygen. Large trees shading your house also help keep it cool in the summer and reduce your electric bills. You can even grow a vegetable garden or plant fruit trees that you can harvest and share with the family.


Decks and Patios


Many people choose to add a deck or patio to their yard. This serves as an extension of the house, where the family can enjoy spending time together or entertaining guests. It’s a convenient area for a table and chairs, as well as a grill, bar, or anything else that makes you comfortable. Concrete patios are fairly easy to install and require little maintenance, while wooden decks will need regular painting, staining, and cleaning to stay in good shape. You can also add an awning, canopy, or other covering to keep your deck shaded against rain and direct sunlight. Some people even choose to enclose their patios to keep out insects.


Outdoor Accents


Finally, you can add a touch of personality to your yard with unique accents placed around your lawn or garden. Oakland landscaping stone features can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, and require little to no maintenance. You may also choose to install a stone walkway around your garden or yard. Water features are another popular accent for many yards. These can be as basic as a small birdbath, or they can incorporate small streams and fountains. Some people install pools or hot tubs for both aesthetic and practical purposes. With the right lighting, a pool can provide you with an attractive accent to your yard that has the added benefit of entertaining your family and cooling you off in the summer.

Common Chimney Problems and Their Solutions

Chimney caps in AtlantaFireplaces are popular in homes all over the country. Everyone loves sitting down in front of a crackling fire with a good book or that special someone. However, owning a fireplace takes a lot of work, especially if you use it frequently. Fireplaces can be dangerous when they’re not properly taken care of, and home fires are very real dangers that happen every day in unsuspecting homes. If you’re going to use your fireplace, Continue reading

Popular Options In Opening A Franchise

franchise training programThe economy has taken some unfortunate turns in the past few years, and experts aren’t quick to put a hopeful spin on what’s to come. This means the marketplace is flooded with plenty of capable, hard-working Americans that could really make their industry shine if given the chance. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and plenty of workers want to jump in to the business-owner game and be their own boss. However, starting a business isn’t easy. With the power of a well-known name, coupled with a quality franchise training program, budding entrepreneurs Continue reading

Finding the Best Storage Unit Rental Option

Storage units have a bad reputation. Some of this is based on legitimate reasons, but most of them are because a few people had bad experiences. What should you do if you need some extra storage, but are worried about renting a storage unit? The simplest solution is to research your local options for a storage unit rental in Dayton, OH. Being prepared is the best way to find a secure storage unit that meets your needs. 

Security Measures 

The most important features for a storage facility are related to security. You want to make sure that your belongings will be safe. Start by examining the security features on the outside of the facility. There should be a fence all the way around the property, not just around the entrance. There should also be some type of gated entry. Whether there is a guard at the entrance or a key to get in, this will provide a higher level of security. Check for several security cameras around the entrance as well. 

Inside the Facility 

Once you’re inside, you will want to make sure that things are just as secure. Again, look for security cameras. There don’t have to be a lot, just enough that every area is covered by at least one camera. Next, check for adequate lighting. This may be hard to do during the day, but an easy way to check is to look for lamp posts. They should be spaced regularly throughout the facility. If you’re worried that there won’t be enough light, be sure to come back at night to double check. Another thing to check for is the cleanliness of the facility. It may sound silly, but if there is trash and debris everywhere, that is a sign that there is little maintenance done. 

Storage Units 

The units themselves should also have a few security measures. Unless you’re looking at very upscale storage facilities, there won’t be a security camera in each unit. However, this does not mean that they aren’t secure. Each unit should have its own door, and should not be connected to any other unit from the inside. There should be a sturdy lock; preferably there would be two locks, including a deadbolt. Be sure to ask what the procedure is when a unit switches owners. If it is a keyless entry, the code should be changed. If it is a keyed entry, ask how often the locks are switched out. If, for any reason, you feel uneasy about something, trust your instinct. Better to be safe than sorry when deciding on a storage unit rental in Dayton, OH.

Propane: The Environmental and Economical Choice

propane in Colorado SpringsPower doesn’t run on nothing. The world you live in is rife with appliances and inventions that are designed to make life easier. All of these appliances need some kind of fuel in order to run – gas, electricity, kerosene, etc. Unfortunately, using some of these fuels has detrimental effects on the environment. Moreover, gas and electricity can be quite expensive. But, there is a solution. Switching to propane in Colorado Springs is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your personal finances. Even doing something as simple as using a propane-powered water heater can make a huge difference.  Continue reading

Advantages Of Using A Trash Removal Service

There are many different things that can cause people to get behind. Sometimes people get older, and are less capable than they used to be when they were younger. Other times, an illness or physical disability can cause people to have a hard time keeping up. Then there are times when people just get too busy, and can’t keep up even if they have the physical ability to. If you have gotten behind on some of the projects you wanted to Continue reading

Trash Collection Is Necessary to Civilization

A business or a household, an individual or a park, any location, person, or organization generates waste; there are materials that are damaged or corrupted, there are wrappers and papers no longer needed, leftovers and waste are a part of existence. However, part of civilization and sanitation requires that waste and leftovers be removed from public and private areas; that all unsightly things be concentrated in a place where most people do not have to see them, smell them, or deal with them. Like any civilized town or city, Cincinnati has trash collection and removal, and like any aware first world civilization, there is recycling too. Sometimes the standard city removal is not enough; sometimes a project is much bigger, sometimes an event is big and temporary, sometimes the city clean up produces a lot more than it usually does. Sometimes, there just needs to be more trash collected and removed than normal, and it is faster and better to have a private company collect it.

Natural Process

No one likes to admit how much trash they produce; it is very unpopular to admit that anything goes to waste these days. However, a reasonable amount of waste is inevitable, and it needs to be put somewhere. Many things that are considered waste, like glass, metal, and most plastics can be reused, recycled, and their waste eliminated from the local dump. Even large things can be repurposed, such as junk cars and washing machines. But there are other things that need to be burned, need to be destroyed, or can simply be left to break down on their own; there needs to be a space for these things to be destroyed. Whether incineration, decomposition, or recycling is the manner used, refuse and waste needs to have a place to go, and most members of society prefer that place be somewhere far away from where they live and work.

Space Needed

This means that waste needs to be gathered together; most people are pretty well conditioned to find a trashcan for larger items, though small things frequently fall unnoticed. Still, once the trash is collected into bins and cans and dumpsters, it needs to be transported to a bigger collection, concentrating it all into fewer places. Trash collection is an unglamorous job, even a despised job, but it is crucial to modern sterilized civilization; running water, sewage, and trash removal, all of these are unsavory jobs to most people, but without them, our cities would quickly return to the dark ages of stench and mess.

Working Quickly

Not every place produces a lot of waste every day; not every person has large items that need to be pulled apart and broken down. Most people will rarely use more than the city trash removal in their entire lives. However, when large construction projects produce a lot of odds and ends, when festivals and celebrations bring large crowds of people to a small area, there is also a concentration of trash and waste. This collection of garbage can be taken care of by a Cincinnati trash collection service, working as soon as the event is over so that society can continue to live up to its normal sanitary standard of clean streets and no decomposing smells.

Build Bigger with a Rental Crane

You have great plans to improve your office space, but without a nation of slaves to do your bidding, it seems impossible to do. While adding a second story isn’t exactly the same as building a pyramid, it is still a monumental task. A task, however, that can be made much easier (not to mention faster) by using crane rental in Columbus.

What are the advantages of renting a crane? For starters, aside from the fact that you have no practical reasons nor the capital to buy one, operators of crane rental companies can help you figure out exactly what you want to do with your office space, even helping design it. Even if you are a contractor with the proper license to build, you could still benefit from the instruction from the experts on how to operate each individual machine, as well as which crane is the best suited and most economical for your project. Many crane rental establishments can also offer other construction resources, helping to streamline processes, communication, and timelines. Speaking of which, if you need to hurry and get things done before the relentless Columbus winter, be sure and ask for a quote for an expedited process. Many agencies will scale their operation to meet a tight deadline. If your project is in a hard to reach area, some companies even offer turbine helicopters to get the job done!

As when hiring out any part of a construction job, make sure you find a company that invests in its employees. Extensive knowledge and experience means your work will be done better and more efficiently. Moreover, seek an establishment that is properly licensed and insured. Well-trained employees will always adhere to prudent safety practices, but should anything happen, both you and the company you hire will be protected, and the employee will be taken care of.

You have great plans to expand your business, and you know now is the time. Your little office no longer suits your needs, and you want to upgrade and modernize anyway. You know what you’re doing as far as interior construction goes and you have a crew you trust, but that crew isn’t going to lift thousands of pounds of materials, no matter how much you pay them. Make your and their lives easier and find the right machine to do the heavy lifting. Simplify, improve, and expedite your grand plan using crane rental in Columbus.

Sprinkler Systems Save Time and Relieve Stress

rsz_irrigation2Your yard takes up a lot of your time. You have to mow the lawn, weed the flower beds and garden, spray for weeds, trim the trees, and water everything. If you could get rid of one of those chores and still have the beautiful yard you’ve always loved, would you do it? Of course you would. Sprinkler systems in Fairfax can free you from the hose and sprinkler chains that hold you close to home during the summer and fall.

Saves Time

How many hours do you spend watering your lawn? Continue reading